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Tax Services in Cherry Hill, Nj

Small Business Tax Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

Why should we choose Mark Cherry CPA for your small business accounting needs?

The tax system is extensive and it can be nerve racking to do them independently or trust someone with your taxes. Finding an account that provides special attention and care to your needs is rare, but at Mark Cherry, we have built trust during the many years of serving our community and can provide references to back up our success with our clients. Because Mark Cherry CPA is a small business, our focus is on customer care and satisfaction. Small businesses also mean that when a crisis happens or you have questions, you are discussing with people instead of lengthy answering machines or untrained customer service representatives. With years of experience in the field, we know the ins and outs of the tax and accounting needs that varies for each small business industry. Our firm specializes in committing to the small tasks to create positive changes to your business’ financial well-being. The accountants here at Mark Cherry are passionate and ready to offer explanations and give you tools to better your financial well-being. Call us today to get the one-on-one care your business deserves!

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Corporate Tax Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

Our tax professionals are diligent with their approaches to corporate tax because it requires an understanding of the specific concerns of corporations. We not only have an understanding of the tax process, tax laws and technology, but we also use strategies that best interact with your business to create the best results possible. As an accounting firm, we ensure that your taxes are in line with constantly changing standards. The accountants here take time to get to know the ins and outs of your business, find problems and offer solutions that work to maximize efficiency and accuracy of your taxes. Let us handle it for you!

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Partnership Tax Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

At Mark Cherry, we understand the value of our relationships. Forming partnerships throughout the tax network, our certified public accountants are committed to helping you achieve your business tax goals. We offer partnership tax services to all of our customers and strive to put special care into those relationships to ensure exponential growth. Partnerships take work and we are willing to work with you and your business partners to provide high quality support and guidance. The work our CPAs do strives to optimize your tax results and responsibilities. We are excited to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, call us today!

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Sole-proprietorship Tax Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

A sole proprietorship is a single-member LLC or a single or married couple that is operating an unincorporated business. Falling into one or more of these categories, means you will have to include a Schedule C (SchC) for your business when you file your personal IRS1040 taxes. Filing a SchC while running your own business means that the tax code sees you and your business as one entity. When this happens, you will face additional reporting requirements and more taxes, however, it may qualify you for specific business tax deductions that may offset other tax requirements and maximize your tax savings and help relieve your tax burden. The opportunity to become incorporated or become an LLC is also an option we can discuss. Our CPAs are here to help you with all of this. General tax software will not guarantee you are maximizing your tax savings, call our accountants at Mark Cherry today!

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Multi-state Tax Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

Our accountants at Mark Cherry work hard to help you to avoid being double taxed by different states. It can be difficult to figure out how to maximize your business’ taxes which is why we utilize multiple tax approaches that align with the goals of your business. Mark Cherry’s certified public accountants are devoted to helping you through each step of the process to help manage the broad range of complex local and state tax issues at every phase of your business. We know the ins and outs of the tax system and software. If you are working across state lines, choose us to be your tax professionals so you do not overpay the IRS!

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Individual Tax Preparation in Cherry Hill, NJ

Filing your taxes alone can be scary and with so many tax professional options/consultants/softwares/etc., it can feel overwhelming. At Mark Cherry, we have years of experience dealing with all types of situations and are prepared to help you resolve them. As a small business, we are able to give customers the time they need to feel comfortable and confident in the integrity of their tax returns. Our knowledge of the tax system is extensive which means that we can see the little tips and tricks needed to maximize your return or investment. Our CPAs will discuss, support, and advise you to achieve these goals. Call or send us a message today to make an appointment!

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Offers in Compromise in Cherry Hill, NJ

An offer in compromise, or, (OIC) is an agreement between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and you, a taxpayer, that settles the liabilities of a taxpayer for less than the actual amount owed. This means that our CPAs may be able to help you to relieve some of the burden of taxes when you are in a tough spot. It can be super scary to receive a bill that exceeds your means and that is why our team works especially hard to ensure that our clients live comfortably, and are able to help you navigate your taxes. Paying a percentage of what you owe rather than the full amount will help you in the long run to achieve your financial goals, and we are here to help you accomplish just that. Our accountants at Mark Cherry specialize in these matters, reach out to our team today!

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Bankruptcy in Cherry Hill, NJ

Filing for bankruptcy can be a means of a fresh start for a person who cannot pay their bills. The right to do so is federal law, which means that all bankruptcy cases happen in a federal court, which is why it is best to have an attorney. There are two main types of bankruptcy called Chapter 7 (straight bankruptcy) and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 allows you to file a petition to ask the court to discharge your debts in exchange for giving up your property. There is exempt property and in the majority of cases, most or all of your property may be exempt. The property that the court takes is sold and the money is distributed to the creditors. Chapter 13 will enable you to pay some of your debt and upon successful completion, some of your other debts may be wiped out. At Mark Cherry we are here to walk you through the process of filing for bankruptcy and to help you navigate the process. Our team is ready to help you make the best financial decision for you – reach out today!

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Tax alternatives (ways to reduce your taxes) in Cherry Hill, NJ

One of the most common and important financial planning concerns that individuals and business owners face is how to lower their taxes or tax alternatives. There are a number in which our accountants can help you to reduce your tax liability such as investing in retirement, spending plans, tweaking your w4 form, opening a health savings account, getting credit for higher education, claiming deductions for military members, claiming a home office deduction, qualifying for earned income tax, and much more. Within the tax system, there are several adjustments and moves we can advise that will help you to attain your tax goals. Our team has years of working within the tax system and using tax software to optimize the tax return and reduce taxes of our clients. To provide you with ideas and guide you through this process, our experienced CPAs are ready and available, call us today!

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Tax consulting and tax opinions in Cherry Hill, NJ

Tax consulting and tax opinions is the practice of providing advice and opinions in writing that may be submitted to the IRS. Mark Cherry Tax firm is an excellent choice to meet your tax needs whatever they may be. Our team of consultants provide expert opinions based in years of experience. Our accountants seek to accomplish the most efficient method to decrease your tax burden. Being that we are a local business, our CPAs dedicate time and effort to reaching your goals for you or your business. We take time to listen to our clients, their goals, their needs and their desires for their finances and then we develop a plan to work together to attain those goals. The CPAs at our firm know the tax systems, the little tricks and the big tricks to optimize your experience each tax season and beyond. We would like to help you reach your maximum potential, so, call us today to set up an appointment!

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Tax Planning in Cherry Hill, NJ

Tax planning is the process of analyzing a financial situation or plan through a tax lens in order to ensure maximum tax efficiency. Using tax planning, key elements of a plan work together in the most efficient tax manner possible. Tax planning is essential to the individual who would like to invest and create a financial plan. Success can be achieved through reduction of tax liability and investing in retirement. At Mark Cherry, our accountants spend time going over your goals with you and creating a plan that fits your needs. We look at the numbers, ask specific questions, go through everything with you and take you step by step to truly investigate your situation. Investigating your situation helps us to see where we can improve or cultivate an excellent financial plan. The CPAs then work together to adjust certain elements and advise where investments are needed to enhance your tax experience. If you are looking to develop a tax plan, call us today to book an appointment!

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IRS Problem Resolution in Cherry Hill, NJ

The idea of the IRS can be nerve racking and resolving an issue with them can be even more stressful. However, the IRS does have a program that allows you to resolve your tax disputes. This program is called the Problem Resolution program which aims to improve quality and customer satisfaction and experience. The program has three specific goals which include ensuring that taxpayer rights are protected and problems communicated through atypical channels are handled promptly, identifying areas where taxpayers have issues with the service and bring them to the attention of IRS management, and to serve as an advocate for taxpayers within the IRS, representing their interests and concerns in the services decision-making process. Mark Charry has helped several clients through the process of this program from the start until the end. To have your experience run smoothly and with results that you are happy with, call our accountants today!

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