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Mark S. Cherry Esquire & Certified Public Accountant

Mark S. Cherry CPA is a New Jersey CPA firm dedicated to providing superior, personalized tax and accounting services to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are devoted to exceeding our clients’ expectations by tailoring our CPA services to our client’s needs. Quality customer service through unmatched personalized service makes our accounting services second to none. Our team of professionals keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest accounting developments in their respective fields of expertise and use them to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals.

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We provide bookkeeping services, tax planning, new business advisory, and so much more. Whether your business is small or mid-sized, new or established, you’ll always receive the same great personalized service and exceptional financial support our Cherry Hill, NJ office has delivered to our local business owners in need of accounting services.

Our team of professionals is also expertly trained in negotiating and dealing with tax reductions, bankruptcy, offer in compromise, and many more tax relief services. We have helped our clients save millions of dollars by utilizing our tax saving services.

In addition to our wide range of business tax and business accounting services, Mark S Chery CPA can also provide tax preparation services for individuals. When you trust us to prepare your taxes, you'll have the comfort of knowing your taxes have been calculated accurately and correctly the first time - meaning you'll get the highest possible tax refund and since we are always on time, you will get your tax refund back quickly.

So make the call today to let our team of specialists work for you! To learn more about the entire scope of our team’s bookkeeping and accounting services, and how we can save you money on taxes, reach out to us for a free consultation today!

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Core Accountant Services

Our team is expertly trained to prove financial and strategic solutions to our clients to help them year-round and prepare unique strategies to help them save money. Don't wait until April 15th to call our team of professionals, contact us today!

Tax Services

Your tax burden is strongly dependent on the skill of your accountant. We have decades of experience dealing with tax planning, credits, deductions, IRS problem resolution, and bankruptcy and have consequently saved our clients thousands and thousands of dollars.

Tax Services

Accounting Services

Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, having an experienced certified public accountant review your bookkeeping, payroll, and books can help find and locate ways for you to save money. Every penny counts!

Accounting Services

Strategic Financial Consulting

Every day of the year our budget and financial projection services can assist our clients with acquiring their financial goals, small business loans, or simply plan and budget for success! Don’t delay, call today!

Advising Services

Financial Law

Our team of accountants and legal professionals work together to help us decide the best course of action based on your financial situation. Mark S. Cherry is both a certified public accountant and attorney at law - making him uniquely qualified to handle your financial needs. Choose the CPA who has it all today!

Financial Services
Accounting Services

Industries We Service

Our team is expertly trained to prove financial and strategic solutions to our clients to help them year-round and prepare unique strategies to help them save money. Don't wait until April 15th to call our team of professionals, contact us today!

Computer & IT Accounting

Whether you build computers, build websites, or build software, our team of tax professionals can help your business get the most out of your services. Did you know that custom developed services are not subject to sales tax?

Construction Accounting

Whether you are a general contractor, carpenter, electrician, plumber, or anywhere in between, get a tax consultant to help you save the most come April 15th.

Fitness Accounting

Whether you are a small gym, fitness club, or a dedicated personal trainer, having an experienced professional accountant is paramount.

Food and Beverage Accounting

Businesses that accept both cash and credit present unique opportunities to save come tax day. Did you know that you can deduct your merchant fees as a business expense?

Healthcare Accounting

We have worked with and consulted a variety of healthcare professionals from eye doctors, dentists, primary care physicians, and specialty physicians who own their own private practice. Did you know that you can deduct job-related expenses such as malpractice insurance premiums?

Hospitality Accounting

From a large hotel, medium-sized motel, to a small bread and breakfast - you have come to the right place! Our team of expertly trained tax consultants can ensure your taxes are filed properly the first time so you saving you thousands of dollars in potential legal/financial fees down the line.

Law Firm Accounting

Your firm most likely utilizes a wide variety of services to ensure your business is a lean, mean, legal machine. The tax pros at Mark Cherry can help you ensure your business is deducting from all possible areas including business travel, payroll, auto expenses, and more!

Small Business Accounting

We have worked with a large number of small businesses over the years. If you want to see how we can help you retain more of your income as profit, then contact us today!

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As a certified public accountant, Mark has extensive experience in tax preparation, offers in compromise, appeals, installment agreements, amended returns, and exit planning. Call our team today!